Foliage looks bad at range

I hope you can help me with this my problem is that my foliage looks pretty bad on a higher range
I thought its maybe something with the Lod’s so i tried to increase the reduction settings but nothing really changed

It looks ok at close range but the trees in the background are just horrible its a Redwood forest pack from the marketplace with 4k textures


I think the sky color behind it is oversaturated. Is that the sky color you want to achieve? Maybe you need to add a postprocess volume, make it unbound (unlimited extents) and adjust your coloring there. The leaves at the trees are a translucent material and the sky behind them are also a translucent material, it is common one mess with each other and this needs to be worked finetunning at the postprocess and not using too big values in Cloud Opacity in the BP_Sky_Sphere as they produce too much light since they are emissive.

I want a friendly bright blue its for a fantasy scene
Cloud opacity was at 2 i scaled it down to 1.4
I already got a unbound ppVolume

PPVolume settings:

Sky sphere settings:

I am unable to see the postprocess settings, it is given me a tiny picture, but worked with sky sphere settings. Well, you will need to tune that postprocess and maybe check the marketplace for a collection of postprocesses materials to apply to the volume and see if any has the features you will need. If you work with any color and change the postprocess settings you might tweak back the sky color.

Are you going to use the Deferred Render or Forward Render with your scene? This is important because you will need to check the sky material and the leaves material if they are set for Forward Render, because usually most materials follow the standard which is not Forwardshading. If what I said is sounds Im speaking greek, than dont worry, you are using the deferred render which is the standard and all materials will be fine already.

The sky provided by the BP_Sky_Sphere is very basic, there are other skies available at market place that are a lot better, but as I also sell this type of asset and to be not sounding like Im self serving with the post for a sale, I would tell you to check two sources for a nice sky material, all free from Epic:

Maybe you can also change some textures to get the look you want.

Give the textures a negative LOD Bias (try -2 or -3). It will bias the resolution when the textures are displayed on distant surfaces

off hand at a quick glance i would say its a shadowing problem, distant field shadows can help a lot with this problem of billboard trees looking like light goes right through them

check this link, about half way down there’s a before and after of trees with it enabled

also quick screeny of a scene useing redwood assets from the marketplace for reference