Foliage LODs

Hi Guys,

I’m having a problem using LOD’s on static meshes in the Foliage system.
I have created some simple grass (24 tris) and an LOD version (4 tris). The LOD system seems to be working but when I use this grass with the Foliage system all of my LODs change at the same time.
I’m guessing that the issue is to do with the fact that that the Foliage system is essentially a bunch of instanced meshes so if you change one it changes all of them.

So, is there any way around this? I was hoping to use a combination of Level streaming, Cull distances and LODs to improve my games performance but it seems I’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

Also, the foliage is really the main problem in getting a good FPS so would be great to find a solution!




I don’t know what you are doing, but Instances are LOD’d individually for me in 4.16

Did you setup the Screen Size properly?