Foliage lod screen size is different then model lod screen size.

Hello, I have created lods for my model and customized screen size for each lod. But when I put them into foliage, screen size is different for these models. How can I customize them?

On the video is the left tree manually placed and the right tree is a foliage tree. I want from it to work like the left model.

Interesting as I have never seen it behave different then how the mesh is setup.
are you sure that you did not accidentally duplicate the mesh and use 2 completely different ones?

One thing you may try is to use the procedural volumes.

Otherwise you have some settings within the foliage for cull distance, but they have 0 to do with the lod settings.

the foliage and terrain settings can be handled separately and “foliage” has it’s own LOD group, compared to static meshes/actors

go to the foliage tab, pick an asset and change the density setting. Also, in that same area check to see if it’s LOD is set to foliage.

The density setting has absolutely 0 to do with LODs and the Painting section has absolutely 0 entries on LOD or grouping. ALL of it being handled by the mesh itself.

You can modify collision settings within the Instance settings but again. You have NO access to LODs, group or otherwise.
you have a cull distance. That’s about it and it still has 0 to do with LODs.

lets try not to give out bad information.

OP can maybe try changing scalability settings to enable/disable density scaling and seeing if that somehow gets the LODs to function the same, but the only way to manipulate the LOD distances is to modify the actual mesh in use within foliage. (Procedural or otherwise).