Foliage lasso & select crashes graphics card

I’m using a GTX 650 and ever since upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.3, my foliage crashes when I use the Lasso tool and Click + Left CTRL to select foliage. This also happens when I click Select and attempt to select foliage.

I have the two SpeedTree sample trees (Broadleaf_Desktop and Conifer_Desktop), and some other foliage that I placed in.

Hi MattCan,

I am looking into this issue, but I have a couple of questions. Could you please provide your DxDiag, Crash Callstack and Log files? Where to locate those can be found here:

Does this only occur with the one map or can you make the crash occur on a new map? If you use different meshes than the SpeedTree, does is occur? Any additional information about reproduction may help.

Thank you,


DxDiag: Dropbox - Error
Log: Dropbox - Error

Crash Callstack gives me this message:


You do not have any debugging symbols
required to display the callstack for
this crash.

I tried each of the different meshes that were in the foliage down by themself, and I isolated it to the crash only happening when SpeedTree models are being used in the foliage layer.

Hi Mattcan,

I looked into this issue a bit further with that information and can see that we have a report for it in our database. You can find more information about it here:

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist.