Foliage Landscape Grass Type disappearing when deleting mesh


My foliage Landscape Grass Types are disappearing all the time when I simply delete a mesh or make important moves.

To recalculate them I need to press play or sculpt the terrain a bit.
This is pretty annoying when making level art. Is there any setting I missed?


Attached image: Dropbox - File Deleted

yeah this is pretty common unfortunately
if it’s any help, other workarounds to make it reappear:

  • from the Build dropdown menu → Build Grass Maps (no need to sculpt the terrain)
  • or move around the viewport far away from the grass area and then come back
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Nice to hear it’s not an individual issue.
Thanks for the reply.

Yes this is common. As the other user mentioned, you can build grass maps. And it a quick operation.

Build Grass Map just does nothing in this context…

Hmm. That’s interesting.
Could be a bug then.
For me build grass fixed those issues.

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Hi guys, I can confirm this bug. It’s a bug with 4.26.
This bug does not occur in 4.25.

The workaround is to use grass.flushcache in the console
Or switch your settings from High to Epic.
Both these refresh the grass system.

There are so many issues with the grass system in 4.26. I really hope this gets addressed soon.


Make sure you report them… as of yet I have to receive even a basic acknowledgment of the last 3 reports about obvious bugs.

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