Foliage instance settings mode?

Has Foliage instance settings mode been removed? I cant find it anywhere.


Nope, still the third button on the modes panel. Like in the doc page you linked to.

Instead of the tab, you just have to scroll down the list when you have selected your mesh in the foliage tool :slight_smile:

Sorry guys… here are screenshots… none of that exists for me. No clustering options… no nothing.

Any info on this?

Perhaps you removed it one time. Try resetting your UE4 workspace layout.

Hey Kurylo3d,

I am really sorry about the docs not being up to date. I have not had a chance to update them since the GDC changes but I do have it on my to-do list. However after looking at your screenshots I am not sure what you are having trouble finding as in the second attached image, the Foliage Instance settings are there so I am not really sure what you are looking for exactly. Maybe if you tell me more about what you want to achieve I can better direct you to the correct options.

There are no longer any clustering settings. Mostly jsut trying to optimize stuff.

Hey, sorry about the late response. I looked into this further on Friday only to discover that I need to talk to one other person to see what is going on with this tool. I will try and get you a answer this week about what happened to the clustering settings. My best guess is that they most likely got rolled under the hood which means you probably do not have to worry about them but I will try and get an official answer for you as soon as I can.

Any update on this?

Just want to ping this thread - was there ever any update?! I also want to be able to tweak cluster sizes but cannot find the settings for it.

I was wondering the (i think) the same thing (I needed to adjust the size of the folliage) and if you scroll right to the tom there should be a section called “Painting” and at the bottom of that section there is something called “Scale X” and change that to the desired size and that fixed my problem (just above it you can set the directions) I hope this is what you mentand it helped :slight_smile: