Foliage help


I download this foliage pack () and it is now a .rar file on my desktop, how do I get it into UE 4?


Extract it. Then open the project. In the content browser right click and choose ‘migrate’. Select the content folder of the project you want.

Alternatively you can just copy the content folder from the foliage directory to your projects directory.

It’s a RAR archive, similar to a ZIP file. Although Windows can open ZIPs natively, you require a third party program to extract the contents of a RAR. Personally, I use 7Zip which you can get here: :// although Winrar is also a popular choice and you can get that here: ://www.rarlab/download.htm

Once you have it extracted, you can either open it in UE4 and do what Xuri recommends or you can navigate to the handy files directory the creator of the pack included and import the FBX and texture files directly. If you’re unsure how to do this, check the artists’ quick start guide in the docs here: .unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Content/QuickStart/index.html

I’d recommend migrating: it’s less work.

As all others already mentioned, extract it - then you should have a project - now you can start that project or you can move the assets to your own one. In the thread you can find a video
about that :slight_smile: