Foliage Glitching

Hello !

I have a problem with a glitching tree …

As you can see on this picture, the leaves of the trees on the right are flickering in black, and the ones on the left are fine.

The only difference between the trees on this picture is that for the trees on the right, I used a Foliage Type, and the one on the Left are simple Static Meshes.

Lets be more specific with the Foliage Type trees :

Here is a piece of the Material used for the leaves.

As you can see, there is two inputs for the World Position Offset,
-The upper one makes the leaves move according to the wind direction and intensity.
-The lower one makes the leaves wiggle.
(I used an Add node, because I am not sure what else to use )

If only one of those input is connected, I don’t get the bug.

At first, I was suspecting that the way I connected two inputs to the World Position Offset was causing some sort of an offset glitch.
But since a realized that the trees flicker** when Foliage Type** and don’t when Static Mesh … I have no clue.

It would be great if you guys could help me with that !

I am encountering this very same issue.

same issue the other way around. I get the flickering on static mesh type and trees are fine when of foliage type. Also, the bug does not show up on Vulkan, only dx11 and dx12.