Foliage Floating - Bug

Hi Guys,
I’m having a problem with my game. I don’t know why but it started again:

In one of my maps when i try to use the foliage tool, they start to float on the ground like in this image.
The strange thing is that the ones who i painted on the ground before are there ok, only if i try to add more foliage i have the bug.

Sometime ago this was a bug and it looks like its fixed on the 4.24 version but my project is on the 4.23 and i can’t update it now because there’s some plugins i use who don’t have the 4.24 version yet and when i tried to update it without them i had a lot of error messages, so think i will have to wait :frowning:

I updated my project to the 4.24 version and the problem still persists. Here in the “UE-60061” it said it was fixed :confused:
Here’s the link:

You guys have any ideas?

Hi friend, thanks for the idea. I tried but it looks like there’s nothing blocking it :frowning:

I tried again and now i finally could update to the 4.24 version, but the problem still persists :confused:

Try changing the view to ‘player collison’. The tool puts the foliage on the nearest blocking surface, maybe you have something you are not aware of there…

Guys i dicovered what’s happening, so i’m posting here so if there’s other people with the same problem please try this:


I don’t know why but the Z Offset it was 5000 on the foliage tab, i don’t remember changing that, but if i put back to zero as a new foliage did, it will back to work properly.

Yes, or that! :slight_smile:

Yes! I’m happy i found the problem i was going crazy already ^^"