Foliage dynamic shadows don't work! How can i use foliage mode to build forest?

So my problem is this:

I created a short palm tree in Blender today. The leaves are just images with alpha transparency, and some wind has been applied to them inside ue4.

When i manually put my tree into the scene, dynamic shadows are working without any problems after building lightning.

But when i use foliage mode and try to populate my terrain with these trees, and build lightning, the foliage instance does not render any shadows. I can only use static shadows and they are too ugly.

Here is an image of the problem. Manually put trees are in the left, foliage instance is in the right:

UV OVERLAPPING HAS BEEN FIXED, so don’t pay attention on that. It did not solve the problem though…


So what can i do the get shadows working?

Do you use cascaded shadow maps? If not, try these settings in the directional light’s details:

Dynamic shadows by default use per-object shadows of a fixed resolution, iirc. When you use the foliage system, the engine lumps many instances together into one batch, so my guess is that the clusters are probably treated as one shadow object, so the shadows may look blurrier due to the shadow resolution shared among all the instances within the cluster. The best way to get around this is to enable cascade shadow maps as Distiller points out. You can tweak those CSM options so that the shadows are more refined within a closer range to the player camera.

Yeah that was it! Thank you guys!

I thought cascaded shadows meant something about particle systems, the editor is called cascade so… :smiley: