Foliage duplicating on itself

Hi guys, i have some strange bug with foliage. Some sort of Z fight like there are 2 models in same place. Happens when i paint foliage only, when i drop model myself it is ok. And only happens on 1 model, the rest of instances are ok.
Here is a picture. You can see it on few leaves on the left and right of model. Like 2 models with same coordinates and different wind position.

Hello Svarc,

From what you described you have created a project and added some foliage through the foliage tool. On the model in the screenshot you are having two mesh’s being called at the same coordinates creating z fighting.

This is a known issue with 4.9 and it has been reported.

Before 4.9 the way we have LOD’s set up are through a system called dithering. What this does is calculates the LOD’s to be calculated, one calculation per LOD level, before they are resterized and displayed on screen. This allowed for the calculations to occur before the mesh/material is displayed and allowed for no more than 2 LOD’s to be calculated at a time.

By default now the dithering LOD system is disabled. This allows for a much faster render time and increase FPS. That works by bypassing the pre-calculation step and calculation occurs in real time. It is assumed that developers will then optimize their scenes accordingly to create an environment that is satisfactory to them.

To enable the dithering LOD system again, in your console commands by pressing the " `/~ " key, type foliage.ditheredLOD. By typing a 0 after this command it will disable the dithering. You can go up in levels from 1 - 3. This will increase your fps but it should fix the calling issue you are having.

You will have to delete the foliage you have created and reapply it as anything that has already been painted should stay where it is.

The bug that has been entered for this is UE - 20645.

Thank you,

Thank you!