Foliage doesn't works on landcape

I have strange issues with foliage. When I put procedural foliage volume and then use resimulate I can’t paint foliage on landscapes. Procedrural foliage also apears on static meshes. I have enabled colision on my landscape. Manual painting doesn’t work only with foliage that was used in procedural foliage.

Update: When I drag and drop static mesh foliage works fine, but when I save it as foliage i can’t paint landscape again :frowning:

You have to have some landscape materials with layerinfo in the landscape
the foliage is attached to the layerinfo of the materials
usually you apply the master material to the whole landscape and have 3-5 mandscape materials for grass, dirt, etc
no layer info, nothing to paint the foliage on
your terrain should not have the grid, but be a material with layer info in the landscape layers.

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Doy you mean this layer info?

Yes it works! Thank you!

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