Foliage doesn't use static mesh LODs

I’m having an issue where the foliage tool isn’t utilizing the LODs I’m setting through the static mesh editor. I have custom screen percentages that I want to use, but it’s ignoring them and instead using more aggressive transitions. I’ve found many people with similar problems across the web, but no answer on how to solve it. Is it intended for developers to lose control over LOD/screen percentage when using the foliage tool?

This has been working fine for me since 4.21 with custom LODs.

There must be some setting when you create the brush instance that overrides this which I tweaked?

Thinking about it, LODs are a function of size on screen. Ergo, if your foliage changes the scaling of the mesh randomly for variety it would be expected to see different LODs pop up at the same distance.
as a feature request, it would be nice to have the LODs pop as a function of distance so as to have them all be uniform… probably gives a more consistent end result too, but I’m afraid the distance checking would be far more expensive then what you would gain in performance by uniformity…

I’m using 4.20 at the moment. I checked but there’s nothing I can see that would explain the difference in functionality aside from this being intended. The scale of the mesh is consistent across all foliage instances, it’s just that it triggers LOD 2 and 3 sooner than I set it to through the mesh settings. Placing a single static instance of the same asset next to it for example would show the foliage reaching LOD 3 well before the manually placed asset of the same type.