Foliage disappear during saving

I was just painting foliage and got it looking just the way I want it. The grass, tree and so on. Than I go to save current and all my foliage just disappear. Every one of the painted foliage just gone. All my work. I have no idea why.

This only happen when I used save current file. When I click on save file, it will be fine; however, it is not saving my foliage at all. The second I go and open the file, the foliage is gone again.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a process I am missing somehow? I don’t understand why I cannot save my painted foliage.

Help and answers will be great. The mesh I am painting it is static, btw.

Never had this happen. Ever.
engine version?

Also, where (what level is current) while painting the foliage?

oh, I figure it out. I have to do Save All!