Foliage culling

For some reason culling won’t work for me.
I add a static mesh in the foliage mode panel and set it to start culling at 1 and stop at 50 for example (i’ve tried all kinds of distances) and nothing happens. It’s not that it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t cull them out at all, from any distance.

I’ve tried different cluster settings as well, at the moment 256 instances and 1024 cluster radius but nothing works.

Would really like some help with this.

Thanks in advance!

Culling only works when you click Play or when you turn the Game Mode on (press G in the editor :slight_smile: )

Oh, I’m an idiot for not trying that. Thanks! Is there any way to have it “on” while in the editor without having to use game mode? I’m building an enormous map so I’m sure it’ll start lagging without culling while building.

I’m not in front of my UE PC now so can’t check it, but try and have a look in the View menus.

Also what I found is that the foliage geometry itself isn’t that expensive (assuming you’re not using super dense high poly meshes that is), but having the Cast Shadows on them enabled drains your resources rapidly! For development I would suggest turning it off :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll see if I can find it. Didn’t think of turning of shadows while working either, thanks!