Foliage Culling Shape? Not Circle?

Hey, so the whole foliage culling distance thing is great, but I was wondering if there was a way to optimize the shape?

Typically it forms a circle of foliage, or grass in my case around the player - but in my game the camera is always facing forward, so you can’t really see anything behind the player. In other words I don’t need to render any grass behind the player. Like a half circle would work better than a full one.

Is there anyway to achieve this? Thanks

UE4 use frustum culling for everything it renders foliage included. So anything which bounding box does not intersect with camera frustum is automatically culled.

Often, circle is better because player (if you are using character) can rotate very fast, and you dont want to incur a lag during that time because UE4 is trying to paint the foliage.
Only if you are sure that player cannot rotate fast then you should think about this…

oh okay, thank you!