Foliage Culling issue Popping in.


I’m having an issue with the foliage tool.
Whenever I use the culling inside the details panel, it won’t cull smoothly but instead it pops in in large chunks.
It’s not very accurate either because sometimes it will render foliage that is far away but foliage that is closer to the camera won’t render still.

I have used the culling feature before with no problems, but this time it decided to bail on me.

Here’s a GIF of the issue at hand: Screen capture - 7ca2ad318742c91b653675061c440408 - Gyazo

I hope anyone knows what causes this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Hey dude, I had run into this problem recently too and seemed to recall it not behaving this way previously.

Have you checked on ‘Dithered LOD Transition’ in your material settings? And then ensured that is turned on for all materials applied to the mesh (including any different materials for LODS)?

I believe that solved the issue for me.

@pje, Thanks for your answer,

This has fixed my problem.
Now they nicely blend into existence whenever I move closer.