Foliage collision profile changing on project load

I am trying to use a custom collision profile on my foliage but every time I reload the project the collision responses change from the profile defaults.

I have created a custom collision profile called “Foliage” that blocks Visibility channel and ignores everything else. I saved DefaultEngine.ini:

I set this collision profile on a static mesh that I’m going to place using the foliage tool and saved the static mesh:

I opened up my persistent level and in the foliage tool I added the static mesh. I saved the foliage asset with the collision profile set to “Foliage” (note the Block response to Visibility channel):

I verified that my DefaultEngine.ini, static mesh, persistent level, and foliage type assets are all saved and committed to version control with my “Foliage” profile.

However, when I reload the project my collision settings on the foliage type change:

For some reason the foliage no longer blocks on Visibility channel despite that being the default for my custom collision and I saved it.

My version control says no file changes have occurred - so why are my settings changing and why is foliage not respecting my collision profile defaults?

Forgot to mention that if I change the collision profile to NoCollision and then back to Foliage, it correctly picks up my settings. But if I reload the project then foliage will forget my settings again.

Got this issue reported as a bug: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-61103)