Foliage collision box problem

Hello, I made a tree from scratch in Blender, I’ve given it a collision box which works perfect on Unreal Engine when I place the trees 1 by 1, but when I drop them into foliage to mass place them, there’s no collision box and the character can run straight through them, does anyone know the solution for this? I assumed they’d automatically keep their hit box when added to the foliage spreader… Thanks!

-Is your question about Unity or the UE4? :wink:
-which foliage tool do you use? -> foliage tool, landscape grass node or the procedural spawner?

Oops, keep getting the names muddled up as I’ve been trying both Unity and Unreal Engine, I’ve figured the problem out now, I had left the box to enable the collision box unchecked, should have looked for it before posting, thanks anyway!