Foliage Colision

Hello everyone. I didn’t knew where to post this doubt, but I think this is the best section, as Foliage system should be here.

When the player collides with the foliage in one level, the engine gets the player is colliding with all the foliage existent as one. Is there a way to deal with colision with foliages to detect the exact foliage model the player is colliding with? In this, how can I detect wich tree my player is colliding with? (When you collide with one tree, you actually collides with the trees block)


I believe the problem is that all the foliage is instanced together, so it all acts as a single mesh.

For those that wants to do something similar, I found a solution: UE4 - Interact with Foliage at Run-time (Cut down trees, remove foliage, etc...) - YouTube
In spite of all the meshes being instanced together, as Shirk correctly said, you can Break Hit Result, and Remove the Instance using the Component and Index from the Hit. For more details, take a look on the video.
Problem solved.