Foliage brush- best practices. And Dynamic Shadow Distance Stationary

I’m wondering what is the best way settings to have on the foliage brush?

I’m working with the foliage brush and we are using light baking on our levels. I read that you shouldn’t bake foliage as it will create a huge amount of light maps, and trees are often moving so will have moving shadows anyway.

My settings:

  • Directional and skylight are set to stationary.
  • On small things like grass I’ve turned off cast shadows.
  • Should I set the foliage brushes to static or moveable? I’ve tried setting them to static and switching off cast static shadow, but leaving dynamic shadows on. But this still seemed to try and bake shadows, I get a warning in the message log about it. Sometimes it fails to Import Results after baking, I think thats because my PC is running out of memory- too many light maps. And then it doesnt cast a shadow even though the directional light is stationary and the foliage is set to cast dynamic shadow.
  • If I set them to moveable is that bad on performance? I mean, I know dynamic shadows are not great on performance, but is this the best method?
  • In the directional light, Should I use Dynamic Shadow Distance Stationary Light? Will this only affect the foliage brush or will it be casting dynamic shadows across all the other static objects in the level? (tried looking it up, but the info is a bit vague on this)


Foliage should be dynamic to exclude it from baking. And it is very useful to use distance field shadows for a far shadow and cascaded shadow for a shorter range.