Foliage bluriness even after enebling accurate velocities

Hi there!
I have been trying to solve the problem of blurred leaves for a long time. All I was able to find on this problem was to activate “Accurate velocities from vertex deformation”, which has not been in the settings for a long time. I believe the name of this setting has been changed. I managed to partially solve this problem by activating “Accurate velocities” in the project settings and in the material settings (as you can see in the screenshot). But I ran into another problem - when the camera does not move everything is fine, but if I move the camera then terrible blur appears on the vegetation. You can see this in the video. Plus, “Accurate velocities” for some reason stop working if you change the mobility of any object in the scene. This does not always happen, I do not know what it is connected with. But for a long time I cannot understand what is happening. We can try to configure anti-aliasing using commands in the console, but this only partially solves the problem. Maybe someone faced such problems and solved them?АнтонЯровой