Foliage becoming invisible after reaching a certain amount of instances

Hi guys !
I’m very new in UE4 and starting my learning process by trying to built a nice landscape. For this I created my own grass on 3DSmax, imported it in UE4, created a texture and a material for it. Everything goes fine with it.

But when I start painting my grass on a plane mesh (also created and imported to be my landscape) it’s visible but only until a certain amount of instances (about 1’500). Then it becomes invisible and only appears again when I erase some instances.
There’s no warning message about it.

Is there a setting for fixing that or is it a display bug ?
Could it come from my computer and its graphic card ?
I have the latest version of the engine (4.17).

So thank you for your help if you can.

Cheers !

Having the same issue on 4.17.1 while it was working as intended on 4.16.

Ok, so it seems to be a bug. Thanks for your contribution.

Well, developers said it could be corrected one day but it’s not a priority for them.

Using 4.10-4.17 i have not seen this. Tho, i don’t know why you would be painting grass instead of using the grass node and applying it to layers. Seems weird that you would want 100 trillion foliage assets on your landscape (eventually).

Either way - if your getting this, try with other assets. It sounds not related to UE4 engine, simply because, it would be everyone. Most my maps are well over 5 million (not counting grass) and having no issues. Tho, i have an actual development computer, so it may not be a good baseline… either way. I havent seen this issue before in 7 versions/iterations. I would start with hardware checking and then drivers and then move from there and see whats causing it.

is this caused with any other grass assets? like the free ones from forums or epic?