Fog Questions


Something that’s been really bugging me on UE4 is that fog doesn’t get reflected on SSR. I thought that’s just how they designed, but I noticed that when I change the AA technique to Temporal AA the fog now get’s reflected.
I remember disabling TAA long ago as I highly dislike it (a lot of ghosting and completely stopping every material motion from far away).

Is there a workaround to reflecting fog with FXAA?

Another issue I have with the fog is that it appears to render under translucent materials as water, which leaves a sharp line in the horizon and makes pools stick out like a sore thumb on the distance.

Maybe I’m missing something here?

No info on this at all?

I’m sorry but I can’t be helpful (don’t know nothing about the things you need). try to post your question on another “discussion” maybe archvitz or content creation…


Spamming the forum doesn’t help, the question is asked in the correct section.

I’ve seen this behaviour with SSR before. It just works best with Temporal AA. I dont know what the technical reason is though, so hopefully you’ll get a proper answer from the rendering team later on.

oooops! I apologize for the bad advice :rolleyes:

I believe the TempAA fog issue a a current limitation of the system.

The poor translucency fogging is most likely because fog is computed on the vertex shader. You may need to use a more densely tessellated mesh for your water material in order to give more vertex positions to solve the fog for.