Fog of war / Line of sight



Simple system for a fog of war in a top down game.
Done in blueprints with very little impact on performance.
There are things that I want to add, but I think it might be something for a marketplace.


This looks super promising and it’s exactly what I’m looking for a long time!
May I ask how you did this or when you’ll release it on the market place?

Furthermore I’d like to ask if your system could be used to visualize the typical triangular shaped field of view of enemy characters like in the Game “Volume” or “Commandos”?

Great work so far and i’m looking forward for your reply :slight_smile:


Here is the video showing updates to the project since last week.
There are still few things to add and fix but in general it works better then expected.

That’s exactly what I was curious about and it looks great so far! Hope that you’ll release it soon :slight_smile:

Hi, Abandoned Project? Looks so better than the other one.

Do you mind sharing the general technique you used?

Any news regarding this project?

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this in the last month, but now I should be able to finish.
For the single source of vision I would say I’m almost done. I just need to clean up the blueprints and maybe make some aspects customizable.
But I think the project would benefit a lot from being able to work with more sources of vision. This however is proving to be very hard to do. And I must admit, I seem to be stuck.
Now I need to decide if the single source is enough. This really comes down to what type of game you would want to make using this system.

I’m really waiting for this project to released. I am aiming to create isometric game with line of sight, like Nox.

I have submitted my Fog of War project to the marketplace.
There is now a new thread in the marketplace section of the forums.