Fog of War/ Field of View from authoratitive server

Hey community and devs!

You’ve all seen Fog of War, right? This stuff is crucial for many game mechanics, especially for multiplayer turn-based ones which I’m aiming to implement. So basically I want the server to supply clients only with info the actually see on the server game model. Or you could say: selective replicate only relevant info per user.

I have 6+ years of progamming and had this working on Unity3D + SmartFoxServer2x based server on Java. Now I’m excited to move to UE4 and try my 1st proof of concept. And I’m tempted to get rid of SmartFoxServer at all, since UE4 seems to have nice server capabilities. I haven’t read all the docs. Just watching video tutorials. Unlike SFS2X, the do not discover any low level networking features, and that’s OK, they’re designed to be easy o understand. Network Relevancy from one of the videos seems like a “relevant” feature :wink: to achieve that in some ways.

So given that, can I use any UE4 features for doing (ideally fast prototyping) this? Are there any best practices in UE4? Or upcoming features? Or maybe you could tell me the right keyword to look in the docs so that I could achieve that with C++?