Fog + Exclude Skydome setup


I would like to use Exponential Height Fog and get my skydome to show through as vividly as you see in the attached image.
The mountains in the distance have a decent amount of fog on them, but the sky is clear and unaffected by fog.
How would I achieve this? Is there a way to exclude a skydome from receiving fog?

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to achieve this? It seems like something pretty common, I might just be missing something?

I’m curious about this too, can anyone answer this?

Hey ArtistArtorias,

Take a look at our Documentation on Atmosphere Fog, as I believe this is what you are looking for.

Atmospheric Fog

Once you find the right values for this actor placed in your scene, the Atmospheric Fog can add a great degree of realism to your scene.


Hey Andrew, I cant see anything about excluding the skydome from receiving fog in there?
Edit: It would also be great to find out if excluding the skydome from receiving fog would work with exponential height fog if possible.

The Atmospheric Fog actor has the ability to set and scale the distance from the ground and the sky so you can get the look you are trying to achieve. This same effect can be applied to the Exponential Height Fog by physically altering the placement of the Actor along the Z-axis (up axis).

It is going to just take some experimenting with the values in these actors to find the look you are trying to achieve. If you have further questions please let me know.

Thank you,