Fog changing color on sundown

Hello forums.

I’ve been working on a day/night cycle and stumbled upon a strange problem with my fog.

Whenever the suns rotation is Roll = 29.334326 °, pitch: 0.865016 °, Yaw: -41.106083 °. Below is an image showing the strange red color that appears at this rotation:

Can anyone tell me what is going on here and how to fix it?


I just noticed that during the night, there’s no fog at all. I guess this is because the sun is down (no reflection from the fog)?

The fog is affected by the directional light. so set this properly and you have the solution.

Could you define “Set this properly”?

Is it Exponential Fog or Atmospheric fog?

If it’s Atmospheric Fog, that redness is depicting rayleigh/mie scattering, where parts of the spectrum are being filtered by particulates in the atmosphere.

If it’s Exponential Fog, and your Directional Light Source has ‘Atmosphere Sun Light’ checked - it could be your Directional Inscattering Colour.