Fog and smoke effect for indoor effects as well as outdoor?


I recently played Alien Isolation for studying how they did the smoke effects in a highly cinematic manner. It looked really good and played super smooth.

I need to make smoke coming from pipes as part of an abandoned tourist resort where the water pipes are broken.

I also am making a jungle scene, and I would like some particle effects in the air, as well as a feel of humidity in the air or on ground by introducing a form of fog.

Can someone help me to an existing example, a scene in an unreal project, or a particular effect I can buy in the store or make myself?



you could start by taking a look at some of the materials in the effects, infiltrator and the elemental demo

Thanks! I am embarrassed to say that I though those were only exported projects. I just downlaoded all of them: What a great way to learn and get effects. Thanks alot. I had to rush into the engine to do this project, so I overlooked elements such as that. Really appreciate you taking your time.