Focus only on target

Hi all

I have a large row of interactable levers where it can be difficult to tell which one hase focus.

I have tried using outline glow and various arrows to indicate which is current, but I am looking for a more subtle effect.

Ideally on selecting current (collision box + looking at directly)
I am looking for the entire scene LESS the actor in focus to fade to blur and then fade back to focus.
The Current Interactable Lever does not blur with ther est of scene.

The BP for fading and selecting are not a problem.

I was wondering if I could apply a gausian blur to the entire scene, but have the current actor stay in focus by having a higher level of priority ?

Any ideas on acheiving a subtle scene blur with an actor exception ?


Paul G

Trying to get an effect something like this;base64
1: all in focus no interact lever selected.
2: Lever 1 Yellow selected and in focus remaining scene blurred
3&4 Other levers selected