FMOD Studio Plug-in


We’re pleased to announce the first public release of our FMOD Studio integration with Unreal 4. FMOD Studio is a sophisticated game audio toolkit with a focus on improving workflow. Our plug-in provides FMOD Studio as a side-by-side audio solution for Unreal, and is available for download here:

We had an extended pre-release wait because we wanted to get a series of authoring tutorials finished, now available here:

This release of the plug-in is built against Unreal version 4.4, but it should also compile for the upcoming 4.5 version.

Please check it out and let us know what you think. If you run into problems feel free to post on or send us a support email at

Thank you, Fmod! I’m moving this to Community Content, Tools and Tutorials section so that more people can see it. :slight_smile:

Sweet! Was talking about this with an audio designer just the other week, wondering if support was already available :smiley:

Awesome, I was hoping the wait wouldn’t be long, and was well worth it to have some tutorial content! Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Awesome, I had been wondering about this one.

And ofc I can’t get it to work… Can’t see that the plugin is installed. Maybe not working with 4.5?

Its working with the github version of 4.5 if you change one line in the plugin, but I couldnt get it to behave with the launcher version.

Sorry we should have clarified, although the source of the plugin is compatible with 4.4 and 4.5, the built binaries only works against 4.4. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. We’ve delayed releasing 4.5 slightly for two reasons:

1.) We wanted to see if there were any critical bugs that needed fixing before pushing out a second release. So far so good on that front!
2.) We are getting an in-house build process up and running to automatically produce nightly builds, rather than just logging on to a windows/mac computer and building the plugin manually.

This step 2 has taken a bit longer than we expected, but we’re going to do a release next week with 4.5.

Also talking about github, is there any interest in putting the plugin source up on a github repo? That is something we’re considering if there is interest for it.

Well for me it would be great if you include the glue codes history and put it up to github. I dont know what the licensing terms of the plugin’s source and the fmod link libraries are, but if its available for all engine versions in an github repo its easy to just clone it in.

Thanks for your reply. We have to work out licensing but it shouldn’t be an issue. One complication is that fmod.dll and fmodstudio.dll are needed for the plug-in to work, and the FMOD source code of course won’t be included in the repo. That means the process would still need to include a download from the FMOD website to get those binaries.

A new version of the plugin has been released that is compiled against Unreal 4.5. Sorry for the longer than expected delay in getting it out there!

Thanks Fmod people! I was working on this over the weekend and i noticed a couple of things.

  • Everything works perfectly in PIE mode but i hear no sound in Standalone, which means it probably wont work in packaged game either though i havent tested that yet.

  • In the tutorial Sally sets Last Speed variable right after setting Load Parameter, but output of that that returns 0.0 every tick(at least thats what happens when i print the value to the screen every tick.) So i did this:


and now it outputs some actual rpm difference.

Thanks again for this crazy awesome tool!

I have a problem which renders fmod unusable.

It looks like the FMODStudioModule starts after loading the blueprints

Sorry we didn’t see this earlier. If you are still getting this problem, could you follow up on or directly on with some more information about what you are doing to get this error?



The FMODStudio script not being found problem is caused by the fact that the latest plugin is built against 4.5, but the example project setup will launch version 4.4. It will try and use 4.4 if you use the launcher or by double clicking on the UE project file. I had the exact same error message.

Obviously if you’ve installed the latest plugin to the 4.5 folder it won’t find it + the plugin won’t work in the 4.4 folder.

You can fix this by installing FMOD 4.5 plugin to UE 4.5 folder, using the UE launcher to open UE 4.5 editor (without a project) and then select the FMOD project from File->Open Project.
You want to use the “copy” option for the project when asked about converting it.

This method worked for me and I have the example running (albiet it crashed the 1st time, just reloaded the project again and it worked)
I’ve no idea yet if the conversion process “breaks” anything, there weren’t any errors & it seems to all be working as expected - I hear the vehicle & character audio.

There is a link on the FMOD site about older versions, but they’re not clearly labelled as to which version of UE they are for - I’d assume 4.4. If you don’t want to convert, etc you could try installing the older FMOD 4.4 version to UE 4.4.

Hope that’s helpful


PS: I can confirm the post above - there’s no audio in the standalone game mode, nothing at all.
PPS: Vehicle audio now sounds awesome! :slight_smile:
PPPS: +1 for Github source access
PPPPS: Would be good to have the same tutorial in C++ format, ie no blueprints for the setup part

It would be great if you guys released the the plugin source on github. Would make keeping things up to date with version changes much easier.


First of all thank you for the plugin, it looks great.

I noticed that it works fine when installed in the Unreal Engine directory, but I would much rather be able to have it embedded in my project directories for practical reasons : it makes it much easier to work collaboratively by deploying the plugin to everyone on commit.

However in that case I have DLL loading errors when opening the editor as well as errors during the build of my solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also +1 for github source.

Hi! Where can I find 32-bit library and binaries for the plugin? I’m trying to package the game in 32-bit shipping mode but the libraries/binaries are missing.

Hi, thanks dor sharing this great plugin, unfortunately as soon I hit the download button on plugin for unreal4 download, I get an Database error message and can’t get it

I can’t find any examples or instructions on how to work with this from code. Could someone please give or point me to an example on how to create a UPROPERTY referencing a fmod sound and how to play it from code?