Flying Pawn Replication doesn't work correctly, seems to shutter

I’ve been using unreal since last year and have been building a game based around the flying UFO template. I’ve got a lot of things working that I’m happy with but when it came time for replication I learned about all the nuisances of network multiplayer. Pawns and characters don’t seem to always work the same way. I spent a week digging through and tried a lot of forum posts and tutorials that didn’t work but eventually find this tutorial: - YouTube

Heads up, it’s one of THOSE tutorials (loud dubstep, no narration, 4 years old) but out of all the different places I’ve looked, this is the only one that “worked” which is great. I can fly as both the client and the host with the setup seen in the blueprint attached.

However, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the “right” way to do it as one comment indicates: “The problem with this approach is that the client sets the position, not the server. The server authoritative way to do this would be the client send input, but the server controls the position and the client lerps to the server positions.” I tried understanding what this meant and how to implement it correctly but didn’t have any luck. The movement in my game right now is definitely replicated. The client and host screens can both move around and see each other, but the client’s movement shows the world around it shuttering which leads me to believe this isn’t the right approach. The basics of the entire flying pawn blueprint set up come from the flying template if you wanted a reference to test your own approach to a solution. I appreciate any help in finding the right way to do this. Thank you.