Flying AI using 3D navmesh

My team and I are working on a game and currently trying to implement some drone-like enemies with blueprints, wich are supposed to fly in three dimensions but still use the standard built-in AI and navmesh to keep the movement of all characters unified. Is there any way to improve the AI navmesh system? Is there any tutorials or extensions for the navmesh planned?
Sincerely Max.

I am curious about this as well. Let me know if you ever found out any information about this. Looking into it now.

You could write your own 3D Navigation, it’s actually not terribly hard with the right base. It’s all just bools and trigonometry.

What you want to achieve is an array of nodes in 3D Space. And then your AI would navigate through it the exact same way it does 2D space. I would personally do a pretty lazy grid with big nodes as to not completely colapse the CPU.

On the other hand, you could use the “whiskers” approach, where instead of reading navigation data, you just react to what’s in front of you through a series of sensors (traces in this case).

With the whiskers approach, if you wanna get fancy, you could try to figure out a path for the ai to follow in front of it. as the ai doesn’t need to get there in 1 single frame, it could be a lazy asynchronous operation too.

For parties that are still interested I have created my own 3d ai navigation plugin.