Flow of modeling

Great updates 4.13, I’m happy with the progress.

I have a feature requests - modeling

I would like the Unreal Engine modeling system passed a makeover, expanding its vision, to facilitate and cater mainly to the public that comes from other tools, such as Sketchup. Where this tool have full freedom of modeling, and expanding even more with plugins created by various developers. I am having great difficulty in modeling this system for those working with Archviz, which requires more precision and a fast workflow, could not get satisfactory progress. For example, at least I have not found a way of “magnetism” of the created blocks, if not the support of the “grid”. Other tools such as scale, move (with magnetism in the axes of the blocks), especially the push (without the need to edit the “details”) with an edit box measures in meters or inches.

Honestly, I felt a setback in this type of system. UE to be great, it could be something even bigger, with the possibility of your users can create their own plugins and create this dynamic, which is one of the great advantages of Sket. They know why they have not implemented these tools created in the native program? Because of this dynamic generated. Can not you see that?

It would be totally great and revolutionary for the UE, or is there some kind of partnership with Trimble to prevent from being done? Would attract a large audience thereby facilitating the lives of many, without third-party tools, or independence.

Excuse me for being rude, but I wanted to expose my opinion on this subject.