Floor up to knees (Help)

Only on one level the all Npc placed or spawned are in the floor up to there knees. Main player is correct on the ground. Also projectiles seem to be blocked until i am right against an object the I can see the projectile damage. Third person shooter.

And everything works fine in all other levels?

Yes everything works on other levels.

I have even migrated the level to a new project and it reacts the same.

The capsule and the mesh of the NPC are correct? Are you moving the mesh in any way by script?

Drag and drop and spawning but no script movement. All was working until Ue4 Crashed then this happened. I have a backup but this one had about 2 weeks of extra landscape plus I got it to running at nearly 50 fps in the engine so I would like to fix it optimization took me 3 continuous days of work!!

As for NPC exact same characters same settings work fine in the other levels. I’ve gone through and matched up the settings in project settings and still no go.

sorry meant 60 fps

Try the RecreateLandscapeCollision console command.

If the console command doesn’t work, then try setting the resize mode to “Resample” and then apply:


Thanks I will try it after I clone it.