Floor Reflections Help

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a large interior apartment and ran into some issues with the floor reflections. I have been using the box reflection captures in my scene (One per room roughly), thinking it would be reflecting the closest one no matter where you were, but it seems the entire floor (It’s all one level so it’s one piece of geo) is reflecting off of one single capture. The main reason I noticed is because there’s a lamp in the room above the capture it decided to use, so the floor is reflecting it in areas outside the room.

As I am new to interior design, what is the best method for getting nice floor reflections working? (It’s a polished wooden floor). I’m hesitant to start cutting up the geo because some “rooms” don’t really have a wall between them, just some pillars. Imagine a large / long living room that people decided to break up into different “rooms”, and other rooms coming off of those. I fear that would cause reflections to not be correct at the “seams”, or introduce lightmap issues. Want to note that they don’t need to reflect the player, they just need to look proper and polished. Thank you in advance! :smiley: