"Floor Object has wrapping UVs" Huh?

Okay before you go linking other websites and videos and things for me to fix this, please wait, because I already tried looking at over 20 websites and videos and they’re all so far from what I’m doing that I can’t follow them at all.

I created a fps blueprint project.

I made the floor bigger.

I turned the floor into a static mesh.

I created a destructible mesh from the floor.

Now, whenever I attempt to build lighting, UE4 won’t let me, because “Floor Object has wrapping UVs.”

I don’t even have the Floor object in the level, I’m using Floor_DM.

I can’t find anything that I can change in any settings labeled UV, that does anything. I’ve tried editing anything and everything related to lighting on the floor object, even though it’s not in the level. I even tried messing with the Floor_DM object, same deal. nothing makes the error go away.

Do I have to delete the floor static mesh and just use a box for it? I wanted a floor that I could smash up and make craters and stuff in. Everything looked like it would work, but this error message is weirding me out.

Thank you in advance for using small words so that I can understand.
Yes, I feel like a warthog-faced buffoon.

Most likely since you converted a BSP mesh to a static mesh it just needs lightmap UV’s, open the static mesh and find the option to Generate UV’s and it can create some for the second UV channel.

Wrapping UV’s means that the UV’s are going beyond the 1x1 space, which is OK for your textures, but not for lightmaps which is why the second channel is needed.

also check that lightmass is set to use the correct uv channel. Not sure about the connection between the staticmesh and the destructible mesh, but i would guess that maybe it uses the static model at start and then switches to the DM model on collision.