Floor decals etc

Anyone have advice for creating lines and zone graphics for a large grass sports arena. Like rocket league I’m looking to determine goal box areas etc and how to draw them I’m looking for some advice.

I’ve been using actual geometry but find at distance it can look funny as it doesn’t blend well. You get harsh differences.

So I’m wondering if decals would be better and how large would these need to be.

Grass area is approximately 18,000 X 12,000 units if I recall. How would you paint lines?

You could use a mask, that is mapped to the whole field, in the grass material to achieve this.

An efficient way of doing this might be using mesh decals. Basically you would use geometry with a translucency mask. It’d probably be cheaper than using one giant mask for the entire field.

I’m not super familiar with the lingo of udk but I spoke with a buddy who does maps for Rocket League and he stated he used

“For the lines we actually do a world position projection onto the field”

Which I am guessing is a decal :slight_smile:

It sounds like what Deathrey described. Basically what you would do is create all the lines in photoshop or a similar program, and UV map them onto the field. Then you’d use this mask to make the grass a different color wherever the lines are. You could also use one big decal for this, but if I recall correctly, decals get more expensive as they take up more space on your screen. The field would probably be most of the screen at any given time, so I would put the lines into the field’s material itself.

If you need to go through the basics of materials, I’d check out the official UE4 documentation. It’s a great help when you’re first starting.

Guess my question would be is how hi Rez is this texture going to need to be since it’ll have rounded corners and a circle in the middle

That’s why I was suggesting using mesh decals. With one big texture you’re going to be wasting a lot of space on empty pixels. Here is a video about mesh decals: Mesh based normal map decals - UE 4.13 technique showcase - YouTube