Floating point division by zero material error

I suddenly got this strange error when I compiled my post process material. I doubt it is because of something in the material because I only changed something small and simple. What is it about?


Hey Davision,

This could be caused by a math error as it says you are dividing by zero. Can you provide me with more context or a screenshot of your material so I can get an idea of how this is occurring?


Forgot to mention, it compiled again the next time I tried, it just took ages, well it always takes very long. Had it not happen again but maybe it is related to it compiling so very long. Diving anything by zero is not a problem in a material from what I know. The post process material is pretty complex so a screenshot will not help really.

Not sure about “dividing by zero in a material” is true. It’s mentioned in the docs that you shouldn’t do it and I can imagine that this operation might fail on some older hardware. Would be awesome if someone can confirm that.

*Also, you never know by what the division is replaced with.