Flipping scaled texture

Using binary release of 4.8 on Windows 7 x64

I’m having a lot of trouble flipping a scaled-down texture in a material. I’ve attached an example graph using two texture sample nodes referencing the same notebook paper image that should, in theory, be mirror images of each other. But, you can’t see the red line in the flipped version. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding texture UVs, but -1 U generally flips a texture horizontally. However, -0.5, for example, does not correctly flip a 0.5-scaled texture. Any suggestions?

Example graph:


What did you type ot get those yellow boxes up? What is their name?

I have a texture but it is flipped so the text [on the texture] is mirrored - i want to flip it so it reads the correct way! Any idea?

That’s just a Constant2Vector. Read the basic material node documentation.

As for how I solved this, I just made my material two-sided in its properties. The back side is automatically reversed on a one-sided plane like the one I used for my paper.

To prevent the overlay (representing a drawing on the paper) from appearing on the back side, I used the rounded dot product of the pixel normal and object orientation as the input of an if. Based on that input, the condition either outputs the paper texture sample or the paper texture interpolated (using Lerp) with the overlay, using the overlay’s alpha channel as the interpolation’s alpha value.