Flipbook particles all playing their texture in-sync

I’m attempting to re-create a rain particle effect I created in Unity…

…into Unreal Engine. However, I’m having an issue with using flipbook particles.

Basically, all my flipbook particles are playing their texture frames in exact sync:

(note the splashes and ripples on the ground all playing at once)

Is it possible for each particle with the flipbook rain material to play its texture as it spawns instead of in sync with all the other particles? I’ve tried altering the Animation Phase on a per-particle basis (using Dynamic Parameter) so each particle plays at at a different speed, although this only helps slightly mask the problem.

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious!

it looks like them all spawned in one moment. And killed after fixed time.
Did this particles have some uniform life time?

They just appear to be spawning at the same time as they are only visible when the flipbook texture is playing (if you remove the texture and make them a solid colour you can see them turn on and off at random separate intervals).

Solved it by using SubUV Particles instead.

can you share this rain? :slight_smile: