Flipbook Motion vectors stuttering


I am trying to use the flipbook motion vector with an explosion exported from houdini using sidefx labs tools. I followed a couple tutorials and I am pretty sure I got the motion vector intensity setting right and everything else. But for some reason it is stuttering really badly. My explosion (in real time) is pretty fast moving. Maybe its moving too fast and it is only 24 frames a second? If you notice, toward the end of the flipbook, it starts to stop stuttering when the explosion is moving slower at the end. That’s why I was wondering if its maybe I just need a slower explosion or just a higher frame rate atlas, like 60 instead of 24. Any thoughts?


1 Set motion vector texture to linear color
2 Try flipping green channel
3 and try inversing the intensity
Eachone of them may fix it so try it one by one
And could you tell me how did you managed ( raw multiplier ) from houdini to ue4?
And how did u caculate the motion vector intensity?