Flipbook material to recreate an animated gif?

Hey folks, I’m trying to convert an animated gif into a FlipBook Material for use in UE4, but having a bit of difficulty.

The animated gif is 64 frames long, so I figured all I’d have to do would be export all 64 frames and dump them into a spritesheet 8 x 8 grid image, and then feed that into a Flipbook material (with 8 rows and 8 columns specified via constants). But the play back is not smooth at all - it looks almost like its skipping through the frames erratically?

And it is also way shorter in total loop time - but I’m not sure how to control that?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Hi Vrdev,

Would you mind posting a screen shot of your material? If you would like to as well you could always post the texture sheet here and I can test it out and see if there is anything that appears to be off.



Thanks that’d be a great help. Attached a screenshot of the material.

I thought I’d learn this technique with some random gif, which should play like so:

Tried a whole range of texturesheet layouts to no avail, ending currently with this 8x8 grid stretched to be 2048x2048

Hi VrDev,

I’m getting the same gitter that you were seeing. I’m thinking this is more linked with the image and being resized for the individual columns and rows.

Something you will want to do though is use a ‘TimeWithSpeedVariable’ to plug into your animation phase pine. This will allow you to plug in an constant vector 1 value to adjust the speed. Having it set to 1 is the default speed it has without this node. Adjusting the value down between 0-1 will give you much better results.

Let me know if you have any other questions!