Flip camera image by postprocessing

I am try to use the LocalSpaceSurfaceMirroring parameter in material editor as documentation says, but I can´t find it!

My intention is to get a flipped horizontal image output by postprocessing.

Here the link to documentation: Texturing | Unreal Engine Documentation

And an image of material editor parameters.


can you do this in a post process material by flipping UVs?

Thanks! Unfortunately it does not work.

A is your proposal.

B my solution

C the scene. Is a 2d capture component rendered to the posprocess volume.

It is nor the best solution neither clean, but it does what I need. Of course, I’m interested in a cleaner solution :slight_smile:

Since UVs are values 0 through 1 you can just one minus the incoming uv in a post process material.

it does work, I tested it