Flickering when using subsurface profile and hair shader


I am having strange black dots that flicker on my skin shader when i use the hair shader, and also only when i get closer to the model. I use the temporal dithering from the content examples, character rendering. Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

Edit: Just wanted to update this post. I tried to open a clean new project, and the problem dissapeared, so i will try and go one by one in my original project, and delete and change stuff to try and isolate what the problem might be. Will update when i do that.

It’s not the sss profile. Just don’t use absolute colors in the hair shader. For example 255:0:0 would cause those dots. Also, after reaplying the b-tangent color, I needed to make it a little brighter to get a rid of those dots. But this bug on already mentioned in the unreal answers site.