Flickering texture while moving

I am doing a quick prototype of a scope view in Unreal 4.
To achieve this, i got a circle with a texture attached to it to display the scope “aim dot”. But while in movement, the texture seems to flicker a lot. Do you guys got any idea how to fix this or is it not possible to display such fine details?

Video of the problem: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45923389/Flickering.avi

Hey Eqric,

Thank you for providing me with your video as it helped me visualize the issue you are experiencing.

Would you mind showing me how you have your scope set up to function within your game? Just for your own information, when you are creating something like a scope, you will want to be sure the ‘Scene Capture Component 2d’ is attached to a socket within your skeletal mesh. This way it is directly connected with the animation of the character.

I am going under the assumption you are applying your ‘Scope’ to the character blueprint instead?

Any information on how you are going about implementing the scope effect would be beneficial, and help me narrow down the location of the issue.

Thank you,

Hey Eqric,

I wanted to touch base too see if you still needed assistance?

This post will be marked as resolved for tracking purposes if we do not get a response in the next day or so.

Thank you,

Sry, yes i still have the problem. I am away for a few days. Will update how i have made it soon

I am still kinda knew to Unreal 4 so i am sure i am making some stupid mistake but here we go:

This is how i have done it.
I created a thin circle which will act as the lens. I created a static mesh component(which will hold the circle) in the weapon blueprint which contains the skeleton mesh for the gun and some logic. I moved the lens into the correct place, that is, inside the scope.
The weapon itself is connected to a socket located in the character.

The material is simply a transparent, two sided material which the base is connected to the texture of the “aim cross”.

Dont know if you missed it , but i posted a description how i made it.

Hey Eqric,

Instead of manually placing the crosshair mesh in the gun itself, I would suggest following along the same approach that our sample ‘Shooter Game’ uses.

Instead of having an entirely separate mesh for the glass on the sight, you can set the scope to a specific material. This way you are not introducing any extra variables which can cause issues to occur like the one you are seeing. It will also be much more accurate since it is just a material and not a mesh being force to move in sync with the weapon, which is what I am thinking is occurring in your case.

Shooter Game Scope Example

This approach is a bit easier to handle and if you use the HUD blueprint to draw your actual crosshair, you should get the desired results. Let me know if you are still stuck or need additional assistance.

Another place to check to see what could be affecting your issue would be your post process settings. Bring up the console command and type ‘showFlag.PostProcessing 0’ and press enter. This will disable your post processing entirely. Check your scope to see if the issue is reduced or no longer there. If this is the case, you can narrow down the issue to being a post processing effect.


No problem. I can understand the approach you took, and if it were a real gun, it would need a glass piece itself, but that is why game development is so great. We learn to “fake” things and sometimes they turn out to be better than the real thing!

Thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it and i will try your suggested approach and hopefully it will get better.