Flickering Objects When I am not really close

Hey guys, as you can see in the video I am having problems with my objects, they start having this weird flickering effect once I am not near them.

I am clueless to why this is happening, this didn’t happen before updating UE to 5.1.1 so maybe the problem comes from there. I did set the bounds of the object higher but didn’t work either.

Thank you for your time!

2023-02-10 05-20-27.mkv (5.0 MB)

I was investigating a bit and I am almost certain that the problem comes from the post process, the outline effect I think. Any ideas why is this happening?

Edit: The problem doesn’t come from the PP, it just makes it worse. The problem still is there once I completely remove the effect but in a smaller scale.

Edit2: I tried many different materials and it doesn’t seem to be the problem, and I want to clarify again that once the camera is close to the object the problem doesn’t occur.

It could be anti-aliasing. Try going to project settings at turning it off.

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This is definitely, on the right track but once I do this this happens:

Thanks a lot btw <3

2023-02-10 19-09-06.mkv (7.9 MB)

Sorry, sometimes this computer won’t let me click on links and stuff. I just guessed it was anti-aliasing from your description of “flickering,” which is a common problem.

Can you describe what the new problem is?

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The new problem is that basically my whole game turned to be pixelized instead : (
And thank you for your help!

I have no idea why that would happen just from turning off Anti-aliasing. I mean, yeah, it smooths edges, but if the entire game is pixelated now, maybe it was a different problem.

Maybe this new one really is the post process?

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I wish you could watch a video because not only has some objects started flickering but now the unreal interface as well. This is unreal. Now while I was writing you this it crashed without doing anything. I think I will reinstall the engine because this doesn’t seem normal at all. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to help me out with this, I appreciate it.

did you solve this issues? I was making some tests in UE 5.1.1 and find some ways to fix this.