Flickering modulated character self shadowing on Mobile


On a range of different iOS devices, we are seeing extensive flickering (what looks like Z fighting) on Skel mesh Characters casting modulated shadows from a Stationary Directional Light.

The flickering is on the skeletal mesh itself in the areas that are self shadowed, the shadow cast on other objects in the scene does not flicker. Also shadows cast from static mesh in the scene that cast onto the skeletal mesh also cause this flickering.

The flickering appears to be different on each device, some flicker constantly and other only occasionally.

Uppercut Games


I’m also having this problem, self shadows flicker when deployed to an iOS device (iPhone 6s).

Stationary light, modulated shadows turned on, lighting built.

Did you solve this problem?

Hello UppercutAJ,

Could you provide me with the device you are using as well as some simple steps to reproduce this issue in a blank project?

I have gotten some basic information from reefG in regards to his specific scene set up and the device he is using, but I would like to collect as much information as possible so I can create an accurate test.


Hey guys, with the help of a teammate I was able to locate a bug that had already been entered for this issue (UE-26765). One a fix for the bug has been made and integrated, it will be added to the list of known and fixed issues to an upcoming major engine release or hotfix.

We appreciate you taking the time to report the bug, and ask that if you have further questions please do no hesitate to respond to this answer.

Thank you,