Flickering materials on overlapping meshes - Priority change?

I’m positive there’s a way to do this but I can’t remember if you can.

When you have two meshes overlapping at the edge, the overlapping materials fight over rendering and ends up with constant flickering between the two.

Is there a way to give priority to one mesh/material so it renders over the other and the other is ignored?

If it is just one side that is conflicting you can just move one of the meshes oh so sligthly(like a 100th of a cm or something).

If there is actually a way to fix this correctly, I’d like to know this too.

you can move the mesh slightly so that they don’t occupy the same space, but it will also happen when you move further away and you have surfaces that are very close, because the further away you are the less precision in the depth there is and so things that aren’t technically in the same space get put in the same depth space. There was another thread about this issue and an Epic guy posted a material that would push the mesh away based off how close you are, I can’t remember where the thread is though.