Flickering Lens Flare

I am working on an outdoor scene, and trying to render out a cinematic flythorugh, but the Lens Flare for the sun keeps flickering. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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Which version are you using? I’ve sometimes noticed this myself with 4.25 and above.

I am using 4.26. Have you found a workaround for it?

I haven’t had a chance to really look into it just yet so unfortunately no. From what I have gathered though it appears it may be due to changes with Temporal AA which seem to also cause a flicker in some reflections.

Does it still flicker if you just isolate the lens flare? Wondering if there’s some geometry intersection with the buildings.

Hadn’t tried isolating it yet, so I did, but it never stopped flickering, so it doesn’t seem to be something in the scene causing it. Going to try upgrading to Unreal 4.27 and see if that fixes anything.

Updated to Unreal 4.27, but that didn’t fix it.

What type of clouds are those. If you turn off the skydome does it still flicker?

They are volumetric clouds. I have tried removing them but it doesn’t effect the lens flare. There is no skydome (I am using the sky atmosphere).

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I’m having this problem too.
Has anyone found a solution to stopping lens flare flicker?
Many thanks